No ‘ringing’ no ‘dinging’


When it comes to premarital sex, what
are you told today???
Media, peers, parents,
and schools tell you ;
“Just make sure you
use protection.”
Guess what?
God says
the same thing, but for completely
different reasons and in completely
different ways.
The world tells you to use
protection so when you do choose to
have sex you might not have to suffer
the physical consequences, such as
pregnancy or disease.
But God’s
protection is different. It isn’t a pill you
can take the morning after or in a box
you can buy at Wal-Mart.
His protection
does not just save your body but it saves
your heart a lot of pain, along with your
future spouse’s.
So what is God’s kind of
What does God say about
preserving ourselves for purity?
Let’s take
a look at what He has to say in His Word.
1. Preserve yourself for holiness.
It is God’s will that you should be
sanctified: that you should avoid sexual
immorality; that each of you should
learn to control your own body in a way
that is holy and honorable, not in
passionate lust like the pagans, who do
not know God; and that in this matter
no one should wrong or take advantage
of a brother or sister. The Lord will
punish all those who commit such sins,
as we told you and warned you before.
For God did not call us to be impure, but
to live a holy life. Therefore, anyone
who rejects this instruction does not
reject a human being but God, the very
God who gives you his Holy Spirit. —1
Thessalonians 4:3–8
The body, however, is not meant for
sexual immorality but for the Lord, and
the Lord for the body…. Flee from
sexual immorality. All other sins a
person commits are outside the body,
but whoever sins sexually, sins against
their own body. —1 Corinthians 6:13, 18
God has said, be holy because HE is holy
( 1 Peter 1:15 ).
God can only be in the
presence of holiness and purity; that’s
why He sent His Son to die for us so that
we can live with Him and be declared
righteous when we believe in His Son.
when you say, “God, I’m going to ignore
your commands to avoid sexual
immorality and instead I’m going to do
what my boyfriend and I want to do,
” you
are rejecting God and sinning against your
own body. God says to flee from sexual
actions outside of marriage because it is
not good for you. He desires that you be
holy because it is what’s best for you, and
holiness never brings heartache or pain to
you and others.
2. Protect Your Reputation and the
Then they can urge the younger women
to love their husbands and children, to
be self-controlled and pure … so that no
one will malign the word of God. —Titus
Do you not know that your bodies are
temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you,
whom you have received from God? You
are not your own. —1 Corinthians 6:19
The Titus women were to teach other
younger women how to be godly, how to
live in such a way that no one could say
anything bad about them and the Word of
Self-control and purity are signs of a
godly woman, of a woman set apart for
Christ. She loves her Lord so much that
she would rather live a holy, pure life than
give in to temptations that only promise
temporary pleasure, because she wants
no one to be able to say anything bad
about God’s children or God’s Word.
We, as Christians, are set apart from the
we are to look and act different
from them.
We are to reflect Christ and
the Holy Spirit within us.
Like it or not,
the world is constantly watching what you
do, to see if you act in a way that’s
different than them.
You declare yourself
a Christian, but do you act in the same
ways, do the same things, and go to the
same places as those who do not know
Why should they want to love and
obey the same God as you if you don’t
love and obey God’s commands?
they think about you is what they’ll think
about God.
You are not your own; you
are His, and therefore you should honor
His temple.
Live in such a way that is above reproach
so that there is not even a hint of sexual
immorality in your lives.
If that means as
a couple never being alone but Christ is
glorified, so be it!
If that means always
keeping a door open if you’re in each
other’s rooms but the Gospel is not
maligned because of that, so be it!
If that
means waiting to kiss or hold hands for
months after dating so no one can accuse
you of any immorality but instead want to
know whom your Lord and Savior is, then
so be it!
What it comes down to is, which
do you love more: yourself or Christ and
His Gospel, which saves souls for eternity
including yours?
3. Protect Your Brother in Christ
“But I tell you that anyone who looks at
a woman lustfully has already
committed adultery with her in his
heart.” —Matthew 5:28
Matthew 5:28 gives a command to men
not to check out women.
I used to think
that guys are SUPPOSED to check out
girls; it’s only natural for them.
according to Jesus Christ, it’s the same as
them committing adultery in their hearts
against their future wife and it’s a sin.
what does that have to do with us?
If you knew you could save someone in
your family a lot of heartache and trouble,
would you try as hard as you can to do
Why would you not do the same for
your spiritual brother?
Well, I know it can
be weird to think about, but the guy you
date—if he’s a Christian—is your brother
in Christ. He is a part of your Christian
family. You can protect him by not
purposefully dressing in a way that will
make him look at you with lust.
daughter of the King does not
intentionally want guys to look at her and
thus they sin in their hearts.
A daughter
of the King instead cares for her brother
in Christ by dressing in a way that does
not cause him to sin but instead lifts him
and glorifies God.
Protecting your brother not only happens
when you dress in a God-honoring
manner but also when you act in way that
does not cause him to stumble sexually.
He could be pressuring you to do certain
things and you are going along with him,
or you could be pressuring him. Either
way you are not protecting him, and
you’re not protecting his future wife. You
don’t know for sure if you both are
meant to be together, but you do know
that he has a future wife.
How awful
would it be if someday you have to tell
every wife of your boyfriends what
activities you both did with each other
behind closed doors?
Live in such a way
that you have nothing to be ashamed of
because you cared enough about your
brother in Christ to protect him from
4. Preserve Yourself for Your Intended
His left hand is under my head and his
right hand embraces me. Daughters of
Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse
or awaken love until it so desires. —
Song of Songs 8:3–4
His left hand is under her head?
His right
hand embraces her?
This bride in Song of
Songs is now with her beloved, her
In a way, he’s snuggling her as
his wife. She knows the joy of having
been pure and now the beauty of God’s
intended plan for purity. She is with her
husband and is begging her sisters to not
awaken love until it (God) desires, which
is after marriage.
God desires the best for you and only
does good to His children, so when He
says, “Do not awaken love until it so
desires; flee and avoid sexual
immorality,” do it. Sex outside of God’s
will only brings hurt to you and others.
God is saying, “My child, I have something
beautiful and wonderful intended for you,
if only you will follow my ways and stay
pure, because sex the way I intended it is
only truly enjoyable within marriage.” He
will NEVER withhold good from you, and if
you trust God He’ll lead you down the
right path and take care of you.
For a husband,you must wait for your time
kiss your future wife because you know
every girl you date is someone’s wife,
and you don’t know if they were supposed
to be your wife and you won’t want to kiss
another man’s wife.
So when you start
dating,you must wait until God
make it clear that you are gonna be his
5. Protect Your Future Marriage
Marriage should be honored by all, and
the marriage bed kept pure, for God will
judge the adulterer and all the sexually
immoral. —Hebrews 13:4
The consequences of pre-marriage sexual
experiences will carry over into your
marriage, and you will have to deal with
them. They don’t just go away once you
get married. The past partners, the past
experiences, will come into your
relationship with your husband and even
your marriage bed.
There will be worries
from both sides: Am I good enough
compared to the other people?
Are they
comparing me to those other people?
The world tells you, “You need to try this
person to see if you’re compatible
sexually,” or “They might be the one, so
enjoy each other now.”
But God says,
“Trust me, I have someone intended for
you, and when you marry that person you
won’t ever regret saving yourself for that
because if you don’t, when you finally do
find that person, you will have wished
with everything in you that you had
waited and kept your marriage bed
A wise person once told me, “You will
never regret taking it too slow in
relationships, but you will always regret
going too fast.”
God has laid out a plan in Scripture and
has given you the tools to protect
yourself for sexual purity.
He has always
promised to do good for you and to you,
to save you from hurt and destruction
from sin.
BUT you have to follow His
commands and walk in His will; anything
outside His will only brings you pain and
heartache. Eve started to doubt God and
started to think He was holding
something good back from her, when the
whole time He was trying to save her
from sin and wanted her and Adam to live
in His presence in the most beautiful
place ever created. But because she
doubted God’s goodness to her and
disobeyed His commands, sin entered the
world and Eve now knew heartache and
Do you trust the Savior who died on a
cross on your behalf, or are you starting
to doubt His goodness?
Do you trust that
He has a wonderful plan for you when He
says, “Wait!”?
If you have doubted before
and given in to temptation, you probably
know the pain it brings.
But God is saying,
“Come back to Me, and I will give you
rest. It’s not too late.”
There is always
forgiveness and grace with the Lord, no
matter what you may have done in your
past. He will redeem you if you let Him.
If you haven’t yet strayed from God’s will
in this area, stay strong, my sister!
will never regret it! God is not a liar; He
is only goodness and love, so let’s trust
Him in all things and His plan for us!
By Beckky




So i’ts
simple, stay away from kissing! If you
have ever watched those romantic scenes
in movies, (might be abit graphic in
details here) you’ll see that the man
kisses the woman, she looks like she’s
frozen in love, they kiss again (eyes
closed) Then he puts his arms around her
waist, and then the next scene is the
“bed scene”! and this happens in real life!
You get sexual feelings by kissing, and it
radiates through your body, and causes
immediate touching to follow. Hormones.
Self Control. Respect. Purity. So just to be
safe, don’t kiss!
To maintain purity in courtship.
By Beckky



Research reveals that millions of years ago. There was a group of animals called Dinosaurs. They were prehistoric reptiles. They dominated the earth for over 165 million years but  mysteriously went extinct 65million years ago due to climatic changes which they could not adapt to.
Features of Dinosaurs
They were land-dwelling reptiles.
•They walked erect on two legs like
•They had unique hip structure
•They had two hands like humans.
Meanwhile, no one knows what colour or pattern they were, how they sounded,behaved,mated or how to tell whether a fossil came from a male or female dinosaurs. All that is left of dinosaurs are fossils.
lesson from Dinosaurs
When someone dies, some people cry and others do not people give different tributes about the dead;the good and the bad things he/she did while alive.  Both the aged and youth,christians and unbelievers,rich and the poor die. But, having lived for many years,what will you be remembered for? What impact will you leave on the surface of the earth? A man at 70 years of age gave his life to christ and said,’i wish i had accepted Jesus at a much younger age because the joy i have now is amazing’. The preacher said,” Remember your creator in the days of your youth,before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say,’ i find no pleasure in them’ Ecc 12:1
Methuselah lived for 969 years and no record of his impact was made Gen5:27. But Enoch who lived for 365 years walked with God and he was no more because God took him away
. Cain lived for many years and no positive record was made about him. Dorcas made a great impact on her  community. Her good deeds were remembered when she died and she lived again act9:36-41
You are young and agile,beautiful, vibrant and full of strenght. Now is the time to make impact on your general before you fade out. Begin to write what you want the generation after you to say about you. Love God,serve Him, and be dilligent at everything you do. Be at peace with all,care for the unloved,encourage the downcast,comfort the sorrowful,give generously to the needy and pray for the sick. Above all,do all that you can while you can.
Dinosaurs lived and were no more. Nothing spectacular can be said about them. We all shall diesomeday. Build a lasting and significant epitaph for yourself so that your life will speak even when you are no more physical.
Stay blessed.

Culled from The baptist lydia auxiliary yearly magazine ‘ the messenger’2013


A steward is someone who is entrusted with a task for the master. I have come to realise that steward is a bond servant to the master,He is on an assignment for the one who sent him.He can also be refered to as manager. As sons of God an heir of the kingdom we are bond servant to master Jesus.We are stewards,on assignment here on earth.
The assurance of our stewardship…
The greatest command; go ye therefore,and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of father,son and of the holyghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever i have commanded you matt 28:18-19. This is the fundamental and a general task for all believers of Jesus christ,He has entrusted unto us the task to go and spread the gospel of Jesus,to proclaim the name of Jesus in every nations. It’s a general calling, this shows that everyone born of God has been called to stewardship.
Individual’s gift; 1 Peter  4:10 says,as every man hath received the gift,even so minister to the same one another,as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Here we can see clearly by the grace of God we are given gifts individually and those gifts are for specific purpose and which will be accounted for.
The requirements for stewardship…
A steward must be free from the bondmaster devil,he must be free from sin,must be washed in the blood of the lamb and be called to sonship 1titus 1:7
A steward must be faithful in the work of his master, there should not be an aota of unfaithfulness,he must be trusted 1cor 4:2
A steward must be submissive,give himself to the master totally to work effectively.
A steward must be accountable to the master, he should be able to take up responsibility and also account for his actions and inactions.luke 16:2,1 cor 4:1
A steward should also be regarded as a servant to the master(Jesus) . It is really a great priviledge to be steward in God’s vineyard. The secret purposes if God are been entrusted unto us as stewards 1 cor 4:1 (amp). Also, let this be known that we do not have enough time to carryout the task entrusted into our hands as stewards,and also the master depends on us and it is good to be responsible. Do not fail God


It is the master’s duty to call into stewardship, but it is the steward’s duty to be accountable.
As a steward,do you feel that sense of indeptedness to christ in regard to  every unsaved soul? As paul said in Romans 1:14. Every bit of our life as a steward is that of value we should owe to the redemption of Jesus christ. The spiritual honour of our life is to fulfil our dept to christ. We are a bondservant of the lord Jesus.” Ye are not your own”
In a practical sense, a steward needs not to be selfwilled, but has burden for others, quit praying about yourself alone also spend for others as the bonslaves to Jesus. That is the remaining of being made broken bread and poured out wine in reality.
In conclusion, you cannot do it alone you need the work of the spirit  of God in you,you need attitude of perfect trust and eagerness to ask and seek the master’s directions and He will guide you in all your ways. Rest in perfect confidence in Him.

Sex issue



Why does God forbids pre- marital and  extra-marital sex
The God that the  christian serve is an all-wise and all-knowing God.GOD forbids both pre and extra marital sex for the following reasons:
A. To protect your future marriage.those who have sex before marriage lack control after marriage and are often involved in sexual sin.Also 75% of those who had pre-marital sex or sex b4 marriage end up in divorce.                        
B. To protect your body,it is a known fact that veneral or STD caused by pre-marital and extra-marital sex are widely spread and may cause you sterility or deformity in your future children.          
C. To protect you psychologically or emotionally,those who indulge in pre-marital and extra marital sex are are bothered by sex guilt and their minds do not function satisfactorily.                D. To avoid homeless and parentless children                        
E. To protect d society against d wrath of God.(sodom and gomorrah)                  
F. To maintain sound moral state and good christian testemony 

What should i do if he/ she demands for sex
It is good to be frank when questions that call frank answers arise A.One must frankly tell him/her that the bible strictly forbids pre-marital sex and it is a sin.1 cor 6:18-20,mrk10:19 
B. One must also let him/her understand that God commands that you should wait till after the marriage.The writer of Hebrews says,’marriage should be honoured by all and the marriage bed kept pure,for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexual immoral…there4 urge him/her to wait till your marriage is solemnized before enjoying God giving sex.
C.Both of you must refrain from sex until ur marriage.                 
D. If he/she insists,reject him/her and ask and trust God for a better person.     
E. Never allow him to rob you of your inner beauty and price likewise,’never allow your body to be used as an object of sexual is better to get out of evil than to perpetuate it.            

How can i avoid sex temptations should never kiss or pet any person of the opposite sex should avoid staying alone in the night(especially in a dark corner)         should avoid unnecessary demands of material assistance from men. 
D. Avoid sitting or sleeping together on the same chair or bed 
E. Do not go to disco to avoid dancing together,if u do,you are bound to fall prey. 
F. Do not associate with a bad company(1 corinthians 15:33)       
G. Avoid bad literature on sex. 
H. Avoid filthy films(blue film) and magazines on sex which is currently wild circulated in Nigeria market.           
I.Avoid pornography pictures.     J. Do not dress half-naked or wear transparent cloth which shows the private part to the outside world.doing so may prompt sexual temptation.  

Culled from the book; How can I know whom to marry by Aiyetan I.S.



we live in a world that is so full of darkness,people indulge in so many terrible things,we no longer strive for righteousness,everybody wants his/her own way.We have leaders that do not mind their follower’s wellbeing,our government who are suppose to be a standard of discipline and morale also wallow in corruptions,theft,pride,coveteousness.
In the light of these scriptures below we have been called out of the crooked and perversed generation to a marvelous light of God,what a Great PRIVILEDGE .we are royalpriesthood,peculiar and a different person through the precious blood of Jesus,we are then expected to standout,let people know you for righteousness,do not mix up with are in the word but not of the world,be transformed by the renewal of you mind. Show forth the light of GOD. As students in exam hall,among your colleagues,be the LIGHT!.Encourage total abstinence from sexual sins:homosexualism,lesbianism,masturbation,fingering, oral sex are manipulations from the pit of Hell,They destroy destiny.
people do terrible things to get name fame and power,they seek the counsel of evil ones to be known as celibrity.they drink iniquity everyday.Children are no more trained in the way of the lord instead they are left with,worldly firms,pornographies which have negative impact on them.The only way out of this is to be recognised with Jesus,HE has given us the authourity over sin,develop a solid relationship with God,enrich your spirit with manna from heave,Express the love of God to the people in darkness,stand against the direction of the blown of the wind.BE DIFFERENT!.2 Cor 12:12, 13:1-13,phil 2:14-15    



What? Know ye not that he which is joined to a harlot is one body? For two,saith he, shall be one flesh–1 cor 6:16
For many students sex is a form of exercise or recreation. Or they believe that they are in love with someone.since love is not the feeling they think it is, they end up having multiple partners and competing with each other on how many people they have slept with.
Your body is not a plaything but the temple of when you fornicate you are not just having fun,you are bringing an idol into the temple of God and daring God to do something about it. You say it is your body, yet it is not yours.God created it.When you sleep with a person you become one with that person,according to 1 cor 6:16
This means that all the demons controlling the person you sleep with,all the curses upon them, all their diseases and all their other spiritual problems which they contracted from all their previous partner,become your own the very instant you fornicate with them.little wonder it is difficult for you to concentrate, focus and read. If you are having sex before or outside marriage, you likely already have legions of demonic beings’ fighting within you,each demanding for attention. If you have had an active sex life, it is strongly recommended you consider deliverance.
It is possible that the man with a legion of demons in the bible got them through the act of sex. Sex is the fastest and surest means of demonic possession.
So what are the benefits of sex outside marriage?
1) you get God angry
2) you open a doorway for every kind of demon to possess and eventaully destroy you.
3)you expose yourself to every kind of sexually transmitted disease
4) you run the risk of pregnancy and the consequences of abortion both physically and spiritually
5) you fail to reach your full potential in life and specifically,academically e.g a guy who started his final year with a second class upper grade point average decided to co-habit with a girl. He graduates with a second class lower-an academic potential destroyed on the altar of where is the fun?
Dont try to be smarter than God
Just know what he says.flee fornication,the only safe sex is sex in marriage.
Perhaps you dont know the man who joins his body to a prostitute becomes physically one with her? The scriptures say quite plainly-the two shall become one body. 1cor6:16
On a final note you must know that it is impossible to live a holy life without God. The devil has so infiltrated almost everything in the world that we need God to tell us what is truly His and to live a holy life.
If you have not given your life to christ you can repeat this prayer; lord Jesus, thank you for discovoring  me in my old nature. Please i need you in my life as my personal lord and saviour;please lord, give me the new life you offer,so that i can be fit for the eternal programmes of God. Thank you lord in jesus name. AMEN.
PRAYER: Oh God help me to keep myself  in this crazed generation and deliver me from any affliction, covenant, or possession i may have recieved or entered into as a result of pre-marital sex in jesus name